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    Xenons Shanghai International Advertising Exhibition ended perfectly
    August 28, 2021
    From July 21st to 27th, 2021, the 29th Shanghai International Printing Exhibition of Reynolds will be successfully concluded at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. The new products of Yili Electronics are grandly released, and a variet
    Yips easy cloud OS cluster printing software
    August 26, 2021
    The printing technology of Yili Easy Cloud Cluster Printing Solution (YIPS) integrates computer, network and distribution technology, combining multiple wide-format printers (photographs/UV printers) of the same type or different specifications into a vir
    Ultra-high-speed UV printing technology came out---Xenons GUV
    April 02, 2019
    GUV industrial UV printing technology from XENONS
    UV printing speed is easily over 100m2/h
    More colorful colors and cheaper prices
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